​Joe Ormonde Photography and Irish Tours

My daughter and I did a 10 day photography tour with Joe.  We told him what we
would like to see and where we would like to go and he added some places that are 
special to him and the entire experience was PERFECT!  We stayed away from the crowds
and were able to walk beautiful forested paths to see bridges, streams, and waterfalls
as well as to drive along the Wild Atlantic Way to Galway and on to Connemara .  Joe is 
attentive to detail and so very considerate and patient.  He told us about the history 
and legends of places that he took us.  It was all informative as well as fun and  the
scenery was amazingly beautiful everywhere we went.  Some of the most picturesque 
scenery was across the road from where we stayed or just down the road a bit.
He provided us with a different experience each day and each one was special
and unique.
   To ensure a more complete immersion in Irish music and culture, Joe took us to the 
Trad on the Prom which was wonderfully entertaining and memorable.  He is the 
ultimate guide, photographer extraordinaire as well as a patient and helpful mentor
and ensured that our experience was the very best.
    You haven't seen Ireland until you see it with Joe Ormonde!!
     Liz M.
     Arlington, Washington, U.S.A.

​Sheila Aton,  Wisconsin  

​Meghan, Chicago 

​Unreal experience...and we are not done yet! Joe is a wonderful photographer and tour guide! Highly recommend using his services!

​Carolyn, Michigan 

Angela at Old Head Of Kinsale Cork

​Nowak Family at Newgrange

My daughter’s dream was to see Ireland. And I shared in that dream. By divine guidance, I was referred
to Joe as the best guide in Ireland. And they weren’t kidding. After multiple emails, texts, SMS messages,
and about nine months of (impatient) waiting, Heather and I landed in Dublin on June 10 th , 2017. Joe
was right there waiting for us at the airport.

We spent a full week touring the countryside, villages, roads, castles, waterfalls, agriculture, and

meeting wonderful people with a man who knows his business, but Joe’s true talent is with people. You

definitely come to Ireland as a stranger but leave with a new friend.

Ireland – be proud of your native son, Joe Ormonde. He’s one of a kind!

Hellen, South Carolina 

Our foursome had researched and had good ideas about what we wanted to see on our trip to Ireland.  When we consulted with Joe, he took our ideas, put them to work, and added his own recommendations. As the trip evolved Joe added little surprises at every turn, places you would never see on a regular tour or would never find on your own.  Many of those surprise spots were the most memorable: for me the best day was spent at the River Suir and Lough Mohra—you won’t find them in any tour brochure, but pictures are on 
Joe’s 2016 calendar if you want to see. And Oh! the picturs!  Joe knows all the best spots for photographs.  
I recommend lots of conversation with Joe before and during the trip—the better he gets to know you the better he can tailor the perfect trip for you.  In the few spots where we saw the big tours, I felt sorry for them and so grateful that we had teamed up with Joe!

Linda and Hugh, Lou & Mary, Florida USA

I found Joe's lovely work on Facebook so I contacted him to take some family photos during our trip to Ireland. In the end, we spent the most enjoyable day of our trip with him sightseeing hidden gems of the area, learning the history and getting fabulous family photos as a souvenir! I feel so lucky he was available to work with us on short notice.

​Our Incredible Irish Adventures, Thanks Joe!

Who doesn't want to be driven around while

on vacation? We never realized the amount of pressure that we were under while trying to navigate around different countries. As soon as Joe picked us up form the Dublin Airport, our stress levels immediately dropped. Yes, even our fourteen year old son was delighted to have Joe take over for this last leg of our trip, as he no longer had to listen to his parents bicker over “the best way to get there”.

Joe was able to take us to all of the postcard perfect places, which were not necessarily the common Irish tourist spots. As a matter of fact, the unpopulated beaches, the scenic coastal views, and the Connemara Ponies are not something we ever would have encountered had we ventured out on our own.

I was delighted when Joe offered to teach me some tricks of the “photography” trade. I personally benefited from Joe's expertise and experience. Truly, after spending time with Joe, and applying his advice, our Ireland pictures outshine all the rest. See for yourself (pictures included)!

Finally, I must share the coolest part... While telling the story of our first date to my son and Joe; I mentioned that my husband and I had gone to this bar that was based upon an Irish pub called “Durty Nelly's”. Joe instantly perked up, and knew exactly where I was talking about. He turned to me and said, “It's on our way, would you like to go”? So 24 years later, my husband and I were able to eat lunch at the original restaurant that our first date was based off of! Joe's vast knowledge of Ireland allowed us this once in a lifetime experience. My husband is still talking about this special and spur of the moment stop to this very day, and to anyone who will listen!

​If we ever get back to Ireland we will rely once again on Joe, to quote my son “Joe is awesome”.


​Jenni Nowak,.... Wisconsin

.I shared a week in October seeing some of those hidden gems with Joe too....Joe is one of a kind when it comes to showing you the essence of his homeland....I just wanted a laid back tour, slow paced and time to just sit back, gaze, and enjoy. ..exactly what I got...and a few pictures with my phone...but I preferred the walking about mostly and "feeling" Ireland one could say...Joe can give you what you want...just tell him and you will be pleased....and pleasantly surprised. ..Thank You Joe Ormonde. .

From Charlene  N. Dakota.

​Liz and Shawna at Ballysaggertmore, Lismore

Our Passion is Travelling, Exploring and Photography

I was not surprised at how well of grand job Joe did taking care of me and my daughter, but I was extremely pleased when I discovered how knowledgeable Joe is of Ireland. He was always sharing with us local stories and the history of the places we were visiting and sometimes just driving by. Another thing I was impressed with, that even on the rainy/gloomy days, he had a plan!! 
My daughter and I had a trip of lifetime and I owe it ALL to Joe. 

Joe is absolutely fantastic!  I look forward to visiting Ireland and Joe again very soon. 

Joe is an amazing photographer as you can see and his talent is only matched by his flexibility, patience and kindness.  Although Joe can handle any type of tour arrangement, I was particularly interested in learning how to take better photographs using my new DSLR camera. When I arrived in Ireland, I had never used that camera.  The itinerary was left entirely up to me with Joe's one request, that I allow him some time to surprise me with the "hidden gems" of his home.  And I was grateful that I did just that!  Joe took me to some places near his hometown of Kilsheelan that I guarantee you will never find on your own yet they are absolute treasures!  Let me say that this tour was exactly as I had dreamed and I was able to experience the true essence of this beautiful, spiritual country!  Joe continually went "above and beyond" to ensure that this was a trip of a lifetime and was so very patient with my lack of photographic experience!  I now have some amazing photographs to cherish!!

​From Angela, New Orleans.

"We spent a week with Joe traveling around the Southern part Ireland. He showed us many amazing places, often off the beaten path. His help with taking great photographs enhanced our experience and gave us wonderful memories to take back home. Joe is an exceptional tour guide that always takes the time to know what his guests want and delivers it with enthusiasm. We fell like we now have a good friend in Ireland and look forward to returning and experiencing even more enchanting places. "

​John and Cindy, Indiana USA